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Successful Personal Relationships often depend on "getting off on the right foot". Being able to quickly recognize a person's behavioral style and interact appropriately are critical to this process. Personal Training and Development shows you how to recognize different behavior patterns, and develop adaptive skills that increase your ability to communicate successfully with others.

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  1. Understanding Behavioral Styles

  2. Reinforcing Your Understanding Of Behavioral Styles

  3. Email Etiquette

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"Winners in life continuously look for ways to improve their performance. CRK:Interactive makes it easier than ever to do that with online learning courses designed to help you increase your effectiveness when interacting with others... I recommend this online learning experiences without reservation."

Lou Holtz     
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The focus of this self-scoring instrument is understanding yourself so you can understand others and place yourself in the best environment conducive to your success.


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Both husbands and wives and significant others can understand how they affect each other and how to improve their relations with each other.

DiSC refers to the four DiSC dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. 

DiSC is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers. It's somewhat like the Myers-Briggs personality assessment that categorizes you using an acronym and descriptors (e.g., ENFP - Extrovert). However, the Myers-Briggs only categorizes 16 personality types and the assessment itself consists of well over 100 questions - a tedious process. 

In contrast, the DiSC assessment has just 24 questions and can process over 19,000 individual responses, giving results for 384 different behavioral styles (over 20 times the Myers-Briggs)! And.DiSC assessments can usually be completed in only 20 minutes! 

No matter what the situation, we are at our best when we operate within our natural styles. The DiSC assessment explains to you both your "natural" behavioral style (how you inherently operate) and your "adapted" behavioral style (how you respond to a particular environment). Armed with this information, we can see where you're not using your strengths effectively and where you're not working around your weaknesses.  

Your DiSC assessment provides a written report containing insights and information to:  

  • Understand how others perceive you and why

  • Improve communication and reduce conflict

  • Cultivate stronger teams and families

  • Develop effective managing strategies

  • Improve interpersonal relations

  • Discover and capitalize on your strengths 

Here's the frosting on the cake  - as you learn more about your own behavioral style and how you relate to others, you will also learn to identify the behavior styles of other people. 

Now you'll be able to really understand what makes someone tick. Whether you're talking about your boss, a member of your staff, a co-worker, a potential employer, or a family member -- you hold the key to better communication

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