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For over 40 years,
Dr. Teplitz' programs have helped over a million people realize greater energy and higher levels of success in everything they do!  If you would like to increase your power to new levels, he offers a number of tools, programs & products for both at home and work, in book, audio, DVD & even downloads, for convenience.
DVD Learning Systems


Item #600 - DVD $95 

Instant Headache Relief - Jerry TeplitzThis is a natural way for migraine headaches to be GONE in 5 minutes flat, and regular headaches in just 90 Seconds – no pills, no herbs, no waiting – just relief!

The Instant Headache and Migraine Relief DVD includes treatments for sore throats, stiff necks and shoulders as well as a free quick reminder card that has the actual treatment points on it.  After you've watched the DVD, you'll have this valuable information right at your fingertips wherever you are! How priceless is this?

Included in this DVD are all the techniques you need to learn in order to rid yourself, family and friends of all kinds of aches. 4,000 year-old Japanese techniques are were developed in Shiatsu which is a unquie pressure method used to release pain. It is simple, quick and immediately effective!

Jack Canfield, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series, received the treatment from Dr. Teplitz years ago and recommends them with  "These techniques are so practical, so powerful, so simple... They've done it for me and my family - they can do it for you too!"

  DVD - $95   $60.00  
US & Canada Instant Download  
Read an Independent Review of Instant Headache and Migraine Relief


Power of the Mind - Jerry Teplitz

Learn how you can increase productivity an promote team building by learning more about your own and your team's needs, work styles and how both fir into your organizations overall goals.


You will discover practical strategies that foster cooperation in the business environment as well as your personal life. You will learn how people with different work styles can resolve incompatibilities and interact more effectively as a team.


  • Live Presentation in Webinar Format on 4 DVD's

  • Team Building Workbook

  • Disc Classic Profile

  $95.00     $75.00
US & Canada Order DVD - $95.00   Instant Download Order Download - $49.97




Item #000 DVD $95

Customer Service Power- TeplitzAsk anyone involved in customer service if they've had a negative day at work. The answer of course is yes! Next, ask them how effective they were in dealing with customers towards the end of that negative day. Now ask the person about their effectiveness on a positive day, and you'll get a very different answer. What if you could create every customer service and professional interaction to be a great experience for yourself? Imagine the difference in your professional life if you and the people around you could access more of this potential.

This video gives you actual tools for achieving unlimited professional growth by unleashing the power of your mind. These immediate, effective and easy methods can be applied to all aspects of your professional life.


  $95.00     $60.00
US & Canada   Instant Download


Item # - DVD $95.00

Increasing Your Leadership Power - DVD
Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Law and a former attorney for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. He also holds a doctorate degree in Wholistic Health Sciences.

An internationally known speaker for over 35 years, Dr. Teplitz has lectured to over one million people. The National Speakers Association has given him the designation of Certified Speaking Professional, which has been awarded to less than 9% of its 4000 members. He is the author of Managing Your Stress In Difficult Times: Succeeding In Times of Change, Switched-On Selling: Balance Your Brain For Sales Success, Brain Gym for Business and Switched-On Living. He is listed in Who’s Who in America.

In this presentation Dr. Teplitz gives you the experience of how you can immediately take charge of your leadership power. (Video length: 60 minutes)

How would you answer this question? Have you ever had a negative day as a leader? The answer, of course, is yes! On that negative day, how effective were you being a leader especially towards the end of the day? It was probably very difficult and you felt drained.

How would you answer this question? Have you ever had a positive day as a leader? Hopefully, you will also answer yes! Now how effective were you towards the end of that day as a leader? You probably did a great job because you felt more upbeat and energized.

This powerful DVD of Dr. Teplitz’ live seminar “Increasing Your Leadership Power to New Levels of Excellence” goes beyond just positive negative thinking. It gives you actual tools and techniques you can immediately use to transform every work day into a great high energy leadership experience.

  $95.00     $60.00
US & Canada Order DVD - $95.00   Instant Download Order Download - $49.97

 Free Bonus with DVD - Enhancing Creativity CD by Steven Halpern, Ph.D.

Item #699 - DVD

Creating High Energy Websites & PR MaterialsAre lack-luster PR materials leaving your readers unmotivated? Is your website just ho- hum? There is a reason for that and a great way to fix those problems by leaving your readers and viewers more energized and more money in your pocket.

The DVD Creating High Energy Websites and PR Materials does just that. Use the same system for reaching your highest potential in your communications as Chicken Soup for The Soul series co-authors Jack Canfield and Marci Shimoff do.  Canfield says, “We use Dr. Teplitz’s method for every Chicken Soup book we do.”  And, Shimoff agrees. “I know that the work that [Dr.Teplitz] did in raising the ‘energy’ of the covers and the contents of our book to their highest levels was an extraordinary boost in helping make both of these books runaway bestsellers. I would encourage any author, or graphic designer, or public relations person to use your service.”

But, don’t take their word for it, find out for yourself with our no-risk guarantee!   Learn how to check the energy level for every piece of communication that leaves your office before it goes out. Post websites with the assurance that it is as high energy as it can be. And, what does that mean for the bottom line? Burt Dublin, president of Speaking Success System says it best. “We tested the new ad. Here are the results: Inquiries slightly more than doubled. Sales – the best yardstick – fully doubled.”

"Your presentation certainly drew the audience in and held their attention for the entire time and that's quite a challenge for a group of individuals who generally operate at warp speed. Your in-depth knowledge coupled with your original approach to this topic enabled the audience to learn valuable techniques that I know they will be implementing as soon as they are back in the office. In fact, I am looking forward to hearing their success stories!"
  Kathleen Wilson, Executive Director
National Association of Trial Lawyer Executives
DVD-$297.00 $197.00
US & Canada:
Instant Download:

PAR AND BEYOND: Secrets to Better Golf 
News Article: The Golfer.com.au

Item #603 - DVD $95

Par and Beyond - Secrets to Better GolfDo you believe it’s possible for a non-golfer to revolutionize the energetics behind your golf game? Before you answer, think of all the great coaches who never played as a pro in the sport they coached – Vince Lombardi of The Green Bay Packers and John Madden of the Oakland Raiders plus many others. Now, consider learning from another “coach” who can teach you how to greatly improve your personal golf game.

While a non-golfer, Dr. Jerry Teplitz has a Ph.D. in Holistic Health Sciences and is a pioneer in the field of stress management. He brings this knowledge to help you immediately improve your ability to play your game. He re-applies your body’s energy to the energetics of your golfing abilities. It’s a revolutionary new concept that gives immediate results. You’ll experience the difference the very next time you play.

Dr. Teplitz has even helped pros improve their game. One pro, Randy Taylor, who was unable to place in a tournament for 8 years, came in second a week after taking the class. He only missed first by one stroke and that was because he forgot to apply the principles he had learn while making that last shot.

With the DVD Par And Beyond: Secrets to Better Golf you will learns techniques that will instantly improve your game at any and all experience levels. This is your new secret to success on the course.

This hour and ten minute video by Dr. Teplitz is a powerful approach for creating a more successful golf strategy than you ever thought possible. It is dynamic, yet practical and shows you tools and techniques that quickly, easily, and immediately put you in charge of developing a winning game. It's a totally different approach from any other golf class you've ever attended. --> More 

Order today and you can get a FREE Razor Golf CARNIVORE! Attack Wedge or Hybrid!
(Retail Value: $119.99 - you pay only $29.95 shipping & handling )  

  DVD-$95   $60.00
US & Canada Instant Download
Read an Independent Review of Instant Headache and Migraine Relief

POWER OF THE MIND - Learn how completely powerful your mind is:

Item #602
DVD $95

Power of the Mind - Jerry TeplitzWe all have an energy that surrounds us and is within us all the time. This powerful force affects all the things we do and how well we do them!

Through this DVD, The Power of the Mind, you can learn how to tap into this energy coming from your mind; how you can control it, direct it and use it to achieve what you want in your life. You can also learn how to: reach your goals, dreams and desires; protect yourself from the negative people and thoughts that are around you, and understand the validity of the power of prayer and how to use it most effectively in your life.

These techniques are very easy to apply -- you can use them every day and energize your life!
  $95.00     $60.00
US & Canada:
Instant Download
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