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Topics: Stress Relief,  Muscle Checking, Shiatsu, and Lighting Effects


Breakfast TV - Calgary
Canada, Oct 16, 2012

Jerry talks about his new book, Managing Stress in Difficult Times and also demonstrates stress relief techniques using a scale to gauge pressure.




Breakfast TV - Vancouver
Toronto, Canada
"Flip Your Switch ON!"

Stress Relief Demonstration  



CBS 6 News
Virginia This Morning
WTVR Richmond, VA
"Energy Switch"

Behavioral Kinesiology - Muscle Checking Demonstration. 

Interview with Dr. Jerry Teplitz, Brain Performance Expert shows how you can instantly turn your energy On and Off.

CBS 6 News
Virginia This Morning
WTVR Richmond, VA

"Migraines & Headaches"

In this interview Dr. Teplitz demonstrates how to get rid of a headache in 90 seconds using an ancient Japanese finger-pressure tecnhique called Shiatsu.

He also discusses a five minute treatment for migraine relief.


CBS 6 News
Virginia This Morning
WTVR Richmond, VA
"Golf Help"

In this interview Dr. Teplitz explains more ways to increase energy in your life with Behavioral Kinesiology -Muscle Checking.

He demonstrates how actions such as ironing and swinging a golf club immediately reduce your energy. He shows the hosts how to stop that from happening using a simple Tongue Up technique.


Virginia This Morning
CBS 6 News
WTVR Richmond, VA
"Full Spectrum Lighting"

Dr. Teplitz discusses the impact of lighting and especially Full Spectrum Lighting on a person's performance.

He then demonstrates on the host the immediate impact of having the wrong lighting verse Full Spectrum Lighting.

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Dr. Teplitz has given over 1,700 presentations to more than 1 million people since 1974, including many Fortune 500 Companies. He has taught people how to have greater business and personal success by showing them how to tap into the power of their own personal energy systems.  Audiences report becoming more positive, effective, focused, energized, and more productive.

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